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Turkey Spinach Wrap

20 Jul

This recipe is a childhood favorite that is prefect for those hot school days. My mom used to make this for my sister and I, and it is surprisingly simple. In less than five minutes you will have a refreshing and yummy wrap. This wrap is great for lunch on the go or an after school snack, and it always helps me get through those long study hours when all I want to do is go outside. The cranberry and cream cheese flavors blend perfectly with the fresh spinach taste. I recommend baby carrots or pita chips with a little hummus to compliment the wrap’s sweet flavors. Covered with tinfoil, the wrap will stay cool and fresh, and is a great fuel food for extra long days.

1 Large Spinach Tortilla
½ Cup Fresh Spinach
3 Slices Turkey
1 Tbs. Cream Cheese
1 Tbs. Cranberry Sauce

1. Spread cream cheese and cranberry evenly over tortilla.
2. Layer the spinach on top of the cranberry.
3. Spread the turkey over the fresh spinach
4. Roll from one side to the other, then cut diagonally.
Serves 1

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